The house was built around 1880 by James and Emily Mills as a summer home.

Probably sold by the family and heirs of James around the early 1930’s.
To Mr William Whitehead North, who was founder or the firm W. W. North, Ltd., timber importers and packing-case manufacturers, and was an Alderman of the Hull City Council.
He died on 18th March 1937.
After a short time, again the house was sold. This time to Kit Hastings who owned it from
around 1939 to 1979.
In 1979 the house was purchased by Paul and Norma Curtis as the “Three Gables Hotel” .
In 2006 the guest house was purchased by Phillip and Gillian Blanchard, where the property had many upgrades including UPVC windows designed to keep the original building appearance and the conservatory and Garage were added.
2021 property sold again to the current owners.
At the time James and Emily Mills owned the house, there were only
two gables visible (see old photo). A billiard room and garden were added
between 1881 and 1900.

James Mills painted 

by Frederick William Elwell 1908

Emily Mills 

painted by Frederick William Elwell 1911

The Property was called Villa Bella.

Two unusual features of the original building which are still present today
1) The fireplace in the billiard room (now the dining room of the hotel),
The fireplace is totally faced and carved from wood. The carvings are intriguing
and intricate.

2) The staircase which features carved wooden animals on the newels of each landings.

JM can be seen carved on the Newal at the bottom of the stairs.

The billiard room ceiling is unusual in that it looks like a skylight with carved edging all around rectangular panels.

The man who built the house, James was born in Hull, England on June 3, 1832

James, after basic schooling, began a career as a clerk (likened to an office boy) in the law firm of Messrs. Thompson and Cook Co. He was further employed by the county court. In 1851 he began to do law work for the firm of Shepherd, Crust Todd and Co. in Beverley, England. He was “articled” in 1860 and became a partner in the firm in 1865. Following the death of Mr. Shepherd, the company name was changed to Crust, Todd, Mills and Co. and located at 34 Lairgate Street, Beverley, England. Note: After 250 years of business, the company still exists at that same location.
On December 22,1844 James was elected Town Clerk (still a solicitor). He served as the Town Clerk for 50 years — resigning office on June 16, 1894 (See News Article) Note: James’ son, J. Willis, took over the position of Town Clerk at that time and served for 24 more years. Note: Town Clerk in Beverley was a position of power. The office was the authority approval for all building, public works, leases and dispensations — (ex.) If one wished to graze cattle on public lands, the Clerk had to say “Yes”. The Clerk also guided/influenced the Town Council decisions. Indeed, the Beverley Guardian declared him “The Grand Old man of Beverley” upon his death. At his retirement from the position of Town Clerk, he was given the honour of receiving the first “Freedom from the Town of Beverley” Award (I assume that it was likened to the “Keys of the City” award we give today.)

James died on Jan 13 1922 at the age of 89.

A bust of James Mills made in 1912 (The old man of Beverely) can be seen in the Guild hall in Beverely.

It stands in a prominent place as a Queen Victoria bust is in the other recess.

some of the news articals for James.

Emily, Wife to James.
Mother to 10 Children.

Emily was born on April 30, 1828 in Salisbury, England; died December 19, 1916 at 88 years
old. Her mother was Thalia Holloway (DOB 8/1/1797; DOD 3/1/1878 at 81 years of age).
Her father was Francis Samuel Holloway who was born in 1804 and died in 1887 at the age
of 83.

When Emily passed away James had a tribute created in the

Christ Church Bridlington, to his beloved wife.